Welcome to the Gopal Paul’s Monda Sweet Shop!

Almost 200 years old traditional and authentic Muktagachha’s Monda, located at the Mymensingh district.

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The story of the famous Muktagachha’s Monda of Gopal Paul

Our history from generation to generation

Gopal Paul (1799 – 1907)

Founder of the Muktagachha’s Monda who started the business in 1824.

Radhanath Paul (1863 – 1934)

Son of Gopal Paul, 2nd descendant and owner.

Kedarnath Paul (1895 – 1977)

Son of Radhanath Paul, 3rd descendant and owner.

Dwarikanath Paul (1921-1998)

Son of Kedarnath Paul, 4th descendant and owner.

Shri Ramendra Nath Paul & Brothers

Sons of Dwarikanath Paul, 5th descendant and present owner.

Our products and services

Choose your favorite dessert from our best-selling products


Monda is a kind of sweet/dessert. It is made only with curd and sugar. But the real secret of taste is hidden, in a hundred-year-old traditional way.

Winter Special Monda

A special attraction of winter, monda made with the date palm jaggery. For the difference in taste which is interesting to many.


Recently our new addition is ‘Ghee’ a class of clarified butter, which is BSTI approved. Incomparable in taste and smell, the price is also within reach.

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Features of the famous Gopal Paul’s monda sweets

  • 200-year-old traditional institution
  • Special cow milk and sugar used
  • 100% pure and fresh sweets
  • Original Muktagachha’s monda
  • Incomparable taste
  • We have no branches anywhere

How we made our sweets

Opinions of eminent people about Monda

Ustad Alauddin Khan, West Bengal Chief Minister Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Russian leader Stalin, Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani, Chinese leader Mao Zedong, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and many others had tasted it and shared their feedbacks.

Veena Sikri
Former Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh
“It has been a delight and pleasure to visit the famous Mondar Dukan of Gopal Paul and to taste the delicious Monda mishti. Truly it lives up to the great reputation.”
Earl R. Miller
United States Ambassador to Bangladesh
“A wonderful visit to an iconic Bangladeshi Treasure Delicious!”
Hua Du
Former Country Director to Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh
“Great heritage & very impressive. We hope the business will stay and expand from generation to generation.”

Monda’s story on media

Report aired on ATN Bangla TV

Report aired on Ekushey TV

Report aired on video blog

Report aired on video blog

Monda sweets for the festival

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